The strive to create the most innovative bindings ever requires a lot of trial and error. Because there comes a time when even the most skilled skiers lose control and fall.

That’s when it ultimately pays off to have put your trust in a Tyrolia binding. Tyrolia is fully dedicated to offering the best possible equipment on the market. Bindings that do exactly what they are supposed to do in the split seconds that make all the difference — so you can get up again, knock off the snow and happily keep on skiing. For Tyrolia, a ski binding is more than a connector between a ski and a ski boot. It is the essential link between athlete and skis, enabling the skier to become one with the gear and perform at the highest level.

For more than 90 years, the reliability of its expertise, as well as its continual innovation and proven safety record, have defined the Tyrolia brand. Located in Schwechat, Austria, Tyrolia was founded in 1847 as “Wiener Metallwaren-, Schnallen- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH.”.Today, Tyrolia belongs to the HEAD Sport GmbH. With a market share of 30 percent, Tyrolia is the market leader in the alpine winter sports product sector.

Did you know that Tyrolia…

…was founded as “Wiener Metallwaren-, Schnallen- und Maschinenfabrik GmbH” in 1847?

…made its first ski binding in 1928?

…bindings include up to 200 unique parts?

…produces its bindings entirely—from development to production to testing—at the company site in Schwechat, Austria?

…simulated more than 100,000 entries and releases before a binding is ready for mass production?

…produces one out of every ski binding sold worldwide?