By: Ethan Stone November 16, 2021

This one hits different. After their van was totaled last year in a hit-and-run, the gang from Strictly collected enough cash in a crowdfunding effort to buy a new one. Then they spent last winter filming this absolute heater of a street movie, “Most Gutter,” which I’m just going to go ahead and call one of the best street skiing movies in recent memory. It’s so dirty, but so clean.

Enjoy the show starring Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, Pete Koukov and cameos by Will Berman and Carson Kerr—not to mention a sledgehammer of a closing segment from Seamus Flanagan—and check back later this week for an exclusive interview with the boys.

An all street film from Strictly

Presented by Jiberish
With support from:
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Calvin Barrett
Sam Zahner
Pete Koukov
Carson Kerr
Seamus Flanagan