Tanner Hall “Continuance” | Tyrolia Obsession Diaries

By: Ethan Stone December 07, 2020

“Ski Boss” Tanner Hall has been in the game for longer than many of the kids today in the snowparks have been alive, and he’s somehow skiing stronger than ever. The first episode of the Obsession Diaries from Tyrolia – his longtime binding sponsor — focuses on Tanner’s motivation to keep pushing himself. We took advantage of the opportunity to fire a few questions in Tanner’s direction.

Photos: Daniel Rönnbäck/Tyrolia


Born: 26 October 1983 (37 years old)
Hometown: Kalispell, Montana, USA
Residing: Montana, USA
Sponsors: Tyrolia, Armada, Ruroc, Dalbello

Hi Tanner! How was your summer, and are you looking forward to the coming season?
Summer was good! I bought a house up in Montana and got all moved in. I stayed healthy and active, so I’m definitely ready for the winter to pop off anytime now!

Have you been affected personally by the pandemic? How has your schedule or life changed?
Me personally not that much, and luckily no one around my family either. Life didn’t change too much up in Montana, so yeah, I feel blessed to be up there during these confusing times.

What kind of prep do you do to get ready for the ski season? How has that prep changed over the years?
I’ve stayed in the gym all summer and have been working with a strength coach lately to get some last-minute prep going and keep evolving my training. As you get older, it’s not a question of if you should do it; there comes a point where you have to do it to stay in the game!

You’ve done two seasons on the Freeride World Tour with impressive results. Are you planning to compete in freeride in 2021?
I’m still waiting to see what will happen with the tour with COVID and all the complications that it brings, but I’ve got some big plans if that doesn’t go down. So time will tell, but I’m ready to go ham all season long, that’s for sure!

Do you pay attention to freestyle contests like World Cups or the X Games? What do you think about the state of freestyle skiing these days?

The state of freestyle skiing right now is insane, and the level is so damn high it’s getting hard to even comprehend. But it’s sick and I’m stoked to see all the kids crushing it right now on the competition scene.

Last season Henrik Harlaut topped your record for the most X Games medals. I heard you called him afterwards. What did you say to him?
Just that I couldn’t have been more proud of him and he should be proud of what he has accomplished, ‘cause I damn sure was!

At 37 you’re an elder statesman of freeskiing, but you’re still grinding harder every season, in competition as well as filming. What drives you to keep pushing yourself?
The feeling skiing brings me is unexplainable. With filming and contests, they just bring a focus to make it easier at bettering your craft.

You’re often putting it all on the line, whether in the BC or the streets. Which equipment do you trust in these situations?
The Tyrolia Attack 18s, no matter where I am or what I’m skiing, that’s the binding I trust!

What’s one thing you miss about the “old days” of freeskiing?
The rawness.

What’s one thing you don’t miss about the “old days” of freeskiing?

In your Obsession Diaries video, you mentioned you’re focusing on being more conscious, bettering yourself, paying attention to your health and the environment. What are a few things you’ve changed, or would still like to change?
The way I eat and take care of my body. Where I want to excel is controlling the emotions better and focusing my mind where my strengths are so I can apply them to everyday life and skiing to make things easier.

When you look back at your ski career, what moments or memories would make it into your top 3 favorites? Chads Gap? A contest win? A new trick? Something else?
Every moment, good or bad, has been necessary and I give thanks for each and every one of them!

What’s one thing that you know now that you didn’t know ten years ago?
How good stretching really is for your mind and body.