By: Downdays December 03, 2020

This week, Armada Skis re-dropped Tanner Hall’s classic 2007 film “Believe” on YouTube. “Believe” is one of a three-pack of movies (also including “Show and Prove” and “The Massive” that Tanner made together with filmmaker Constantine Papanicolaou in the late 2000s. The throwback is even more relevant this fall, since Tanner and Constantine reconnected to make the new documentary “Tanner Hall Forever,” which is available now on video on demand.

In “Believe” you can enjoy a nostalgic voyage back to the era of baggy clothes and Oakley A-Frames, with Tanner leading the charge alongside legends like CR Johnson, Dan Treadway and Seth Morrison. Pint-sized rippers Kye Petersen and the Pettit brothers Callum and Sean show off their future talent, while Seth tosses a massive double front flip for the history books. Along the way there’s Japanese powder aplenty, gratuitous Canadian pillow lines, and an Alaska segment to cap things off.