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Jesper Tjäder Embraces the Game Show

By: Downdays December 01, 2020

With groundbreaking edits like Unrailistic and Unrailistic 2, Jesper Tjäder has already proven himself to be one of skiing’s most creative jib innovators. At the same time, Jesper has also fielded his share of flak for what some critics view as “stunt skiing.”

But you know what they say: when you’ve got haters, you know you’re doing something right. In his latest project with Red Bull, Jesper embraces the stereotypes and goes full-on Japanese game show. It’s stunt skiing on a whole new level, complete with rings of fire, tiny backflips, and the added bonus of Jesper looking dapper in a suit jacket.

Regardless of whether you were born in the ’90s and grew up watching hours of TV, or simply at some point have been bored and browsed around for funny content on the internet, you’ve inevitably watched parts of a Japanese game show. And truth be told, haven’t we all thought of what it would be to be in one? Since he was young, Jesper Tjäder has been fascinated by these kinds of game shows, but it wasn’t until more recently he started getting recurring dreams about skiing in one. And as we all know Jesper, one thing is for certain: If he can dream it, he can do it. Welcome to Jesper Tjäder’s Game Show!