By: Downdays December 04, 2020

Over the past few seasons, the Forre crew from Finland has assumed the mantle of one of Europe’s heaviest-hitting street crews. Their latest installment “Forrgive” is all we’ve come to expect from Forre: no-nonsense, no-holds-barred urban action that leaves no tranny unsmashed and no rail ungapped.

Street skiing video brought to you by Forre.

Harald Hellström
Tuukka Pöri
Matias Suomi
Elias Syrjä
Joona Sipola
Teemu Tirkkonen

BDP – The Bridge Is Over
Om – Bhima’s Theme

Photography by Arttu Heikkinen.

Filming by riders and friends.

A video by antti.

Please Forrgive us for only making a 4 min video.