By: Downdays December 03, 2020

Wow. Just… wow. Eirik Moberg, “Max” B-Mack Smith and Emil Larsen play the lead roles in “Legal Dancing,” a half-hour swerve odyssey showcasing how Scandinavians express themselves when the dance clubs are closed.

There’s a lot to process here, from mind-melting jib action at Olso Vinterpark and perhaps the most progressive mini-pipe session ever, to imaginative off-piste skiing that will have you reevaluating the meaning of “freeride.” Press play and prepare yourself for a trip, courtesy of Eppern and the dudes.

When our local dance halls shut down we turned to the mountains looking for new opportunities to legally express ourselves. We moved our bodies through the strange times to keep the fire burning.
This is a story about trying to stay healthy in an infected world by creating movement, physically distanced but socially together…

Eirik Moberg, b-mack, Emil Larsen , Jonas Fjelstad, Espen Thomassen, Christian Oseid, Magnus Barbo , Sindre Kvalsvik, Magnus Nørsteng and Markus Rustad.

Fjeldheim – Stellas
Fjeldheim – 100% unreleased music
Fjeldheim – Only twice
Someonetookmyname – 04 Your mind
The Eternal Page – Nothing to lose, noe one to be
Fjeldheim – Blomsterkrans og endeløs dans
The Eternal Page – Aeroplane
Fjeldheim – Fruitful desende
The Eternal Page – Zero
The Eternal Page – Man of war
Lawn Chair – No love in paradise
b-mack (Prod. Kitboys) – My style
Pipanav – Pizza & Bärs
MXL – Dance with me?

Espen Thomassen

Panasonic Hvx200
Sony Handycam dcr-sr32