By: Ethan Stone May 19, 2018

While it may seem like summer is here and the contest season is over, there's still one more event to go: the Big Air at X Games Norway going down this weekend in Oslo.

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The X Games have mixed things up this year for their Scandinavian event, dropping Ski Slopestyle and Halfpipe from the ticket and moving to a new mid-May time slot. What remains is a weekend of skateboard and ski & snowboard Big Air contests in the balmy spring weather of Norway's capital.

Men's ski big air qualifications just wrapped up, with Alex Hall and Birk Ruud taking first and second in the eight-man qualis to advance to tonight's finals, where they will join pre-qualified athletes Henrik Harlaut, Kai Mahler, Øystein Bråten, James Woods, Christian Nummedal and Fabian Bösch. Men's big air finals will start at 19:30 (Central European Time) tonight.

The women's Big Air finals, featuring Zuzana Stromková, Dominique Ohaco, Maggie Voisin, Johanne Killi, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Sarah Höfflin, Giulia Tanno and Tiril Sjåstad-Christiansen, will kick off at 17:30 CET.

X Games Norway Livestream (US/Canada only) Women´s Ski Big Air 17:30 CET / Men´s Ski Big Air 19:30 CET

How to watch

The livestream above should work for viewers in the United States and Canada (and those who are able to use a VPN client to make it appear like they're in the U.S. or Canada!). If you're not one of the above, click here to find out how to watch the X Games in your country, or just enjoy our full write-up of the event.