"Colby is the best skier on the planet right now," Tanner Hall said, and he's not wrong. Dew Tour/Andrew Durso

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Déjà vu at the Dew Tour Men’s Streetstyle

By: Ethan Stone March 10, 2024

At last year’s Dew Tour Men’s Ski Streetstyle, Colby Stevenson won, with Tucker Fitzsimons in second and Alex Hall completing the podium. At this year’s Dew Tour Men’s Ski Streetstyle, Colby Stevenson won, with Tucker Fitzsimons in second and Alex Hall completing the podium.

Okay, besides the fact that the podium turned out to be exactly the same as last year, this year’s men’s streetstyle served up some heaters. Alex Hall’s mega-creative run featured two different tokyo drift variations, including one between a rail transfer that was truly a mind-melter. He laced it clean on the first run of the night to make short work of his qualifying heat. Andrew Egan, who was rocking a vintage Giro Bad Lieutenant helmet straight from the mid-2000s, also qualified out of Heat 1 with the help of a clean wallride to rail transfer with a back 450 out.

If the winner were picked on creativity alone, Alex Hall would have won this contest. Dew Tour/Isami Kiyooka

In Heat 2, Tucker Fitzsimons secured his ticket with a blazing fast run that kicked off with both-way lip 270s on and just kept getting better after that. He was trailed by Jackson Karsteter with a big switch 360 up, switch 180 out of the top wallride, a heavy switch lip 270 back 2 on the waterfall rail and a front swap front 450 out of the last rail.

If anyone got robbed last night it was probably Sam Zahner, whose third and final run was laced with a blind 3 swap back 2, a big transfer to the jersey barriers, and a perfect front 360 swap pretzel 2, but didn’t beat out Karsteter to make the next round. The judges got some heat from Tanner Hall on the mic for that one.

Colby Stevenson’s opening run in Heat 3 was reminiscent of Alex Hall’s in Heat 1: dominance right out of the start gate. With a right 270 on to forward, left nosebutter 450 pretz 2, switch on front swap to back swap on the big flat down, 180 on to switch 270 to back 270, and a front swap, back 270 over the propane tank transfer, Colby quickly earned the highest score of the night so far, a 95.33.

Mat Dufresne was the other qualifier from Heat 3, with a big switch left 2 on, back 6 out of the wallride, a blind 3 swap back 2, right 2 on to the waterfall and an impressive left lip 4 on back 2 out of the final rail. The other two contestants in Heat 3 definitely put on a show, though, with Harald Hellström locking in a risky one-footer with a safety grab on the waterfall rail, and Oscar Weary consistently lacing the biggest transfer of the night off the wallride to a down rail that was miles away.

Colby had that look in his eye. Dew Tour/Isami Kiyooka

In the head to head rounds, A-Hall’s creativity and consistency carried him past Karsteter, and not even a switch 450 onto the wallride could help Mat Dufresne beat out Tucker Fizsimons’ speed-demon run. Andrew Egan put up a good fight but Colby Stevenson ended up cruising through, setting up what was essentially a re-do of last year’s finlas.

In the end, it was Colby’s rock-solid consistency that carried the day. A-Hall uncharacteristically made a few mistakes in his final runs, and Tucker got a run but couldn’t hold out against Colby’s onslaught. On his victory lap, Colby sealed the deal by upping the ante on his run, lacing everything perfectly and adding a superfed on the final rail for the highest score of the evening, a 96. Now that’s how you want to see a contest end.

This year's podium, same as last year's podium. Sam Zahner picked up best trick for his front 3 swap pretzel 2. Dew Tour/Chris Ortiz

Aside from the great rail skiing, let’s take a moment to appreciate Tanner Hall in the commentators’ booth with Tom Wallisch. From calling Tucker Fizsimons “Tuckleberry Finn” to calling the waterfall rail a “pillow line” to openly challenging the judges’ decisions, Tanner’s commentary made the livestream a lot more fun to watch. Let’s keep this guy mic’d up in the future!

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