Mikkel BK at the Scandinavian Team Battle 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Mikkel BK going bigger than anyone has any business going on a dryslope. Joachim Clausen Hansen

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Scandinavian Team Battle 2024: Wet and wild in Copenhagen

By: Ethan Stone June 26, 2024

The fourth edition of the Scandinavian Team Battle went down earlier this month one one of the world’s most iconic dryslopes. Once again, CopenHill—an artificial slope on the roof of a waste-to-electricity power plant in the Danish capital—played host to one of the most unique contests in skiing.

As usual, the Team Battle featured teams of two riders each, representing countries from across Scandinavia and beyond. Defending champions Jesper Tjäder and Emil Granbom returned for the fourth time to represent Sweden, while Johan Berg and Mikkel BK joined from Norway. Finland was represented by Harald Hellström and Elias Syrjä, and event organizer Jakob Ebskamp skied for the host country Denmark alongside Isabella Tvede-Jensen.

Scandinavian Team Battle 2024
Now this looks like a damn good time. Jesper Grønnemark

Besides the Scandi teams, two riders made the trek from the Alps to join the fun: Lisa Zimmermann and Tereza Korábová, who formed an all-women’s Team Innsbruck.

A packed crowd of spectators thronged the roof of CopenHill on Saturday, June 8 to take in all the action during a two-hour jam session, and the riders certainly didn’t disappoint. This year’s course was improved from years past, with all kinds of obstacles including rails, jumps and even a small swimming pool.

Harald Hellström at the 2024 Scandinavian Team Battle at CopenHill in Copenhagen, Denmark
1. Double trouble from Team Finland. Joachim Clausen Hansen
2. Harald Hellström with a proper handplant on the QP. Joachim Clausen Hansen
“This format is such a sick and fun way to get creative with your teammates as well as showcasing skiing to an audience who most likely don’t know that much about the sport already.”
Jakob Ebskamp, event organizer and Team Denmark rider

The format remained the same, with the riders from each team skiing simultaneously, making for some entertaining action and more than a few close calls. Emil Granbom jumped into the swimming pool, putting his skis into the air for Jesper Tjäder to slide across. Mikkel BK of Team Norway went bigger than anyone else while tapping teammate Johan Berg’s skis. Team Denmark’s Jakob Ebskamp used his teammate Isabella Tvede-Jensen as a human ramp, and Finns Elias Syrjä and Harald Hellström discovered their own feature by jibbing one of the crowd control fences.

Scandinavian Team Battle 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Team Finland takes the course design into their own hands. Jesper Grønnemark
Scandinavian Team Battle 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Scandinavian Team Battle 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark
1. Emil Granbom takes a dip in the baby pool while Jesper Tjäder jibs his skis. Jesper Grønnemark
2. Mikkel BK going massive, while holding an umbrella, while jibbing Johan Berg's ski. Johan Grønnemark

Not even a major deluge could hold back the action: In the last 15 minutes of the jam session, a huge rainstorm hit Copenhagen. But somehow, the weather only made the action more memorable, and as the commentator noted, more rain equals more speed!

The competition was extremely tight, with only a few points separating the top three teams. Team Finland came in third, Team Norway rode to second place… and for the fourth year in a row, Team Sweden claimed victory!

Scandinavian Team Battle 2024
For the fourth year running, Team Sweden claimed the title. Jesper Grønnemark
“Team Norway were so close to bringing it home this year, but Team Sweden are just unstoppable and they basically nailed every run throughout the entire day.”
The judges

Our congratulations to the organizers of the Scandinavian Team Battle for once again pulling off one of skiing’s most unique and fun summer events. We’re already looking forward to the 2025 edition!

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