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Antti Ollila joins Phaenom Footwear

December 21, 2023

The white-wisped wizard of Rovaniemi is officially the first athlete to sign with the brand-new ski boot company Phaenom Footwear.

If you know anything about skiing, you’ll know that there’s hardly anyone who does it better than Antti Ollila, or as we at Downdays like to call him, Finnish Gandalf.

A few weeks ago we broke the news about a brand-new ski boot company on the scene, Phaenom Footwear. Now, Phaenom’s broken the news about their first official athlete signing, and it’s none other than the White Wizard of the North, Mr. Ollila.

According to Phaenom, Antti has been riding the FS o1 120 boot. So now you know which model to pick up when you’re trying to emulate the style of Mr. Style himself.

A limited drop of Phaenom boots is available right now in Europe only, with a full debut planned for next year. Click here to learn more about skiing’s newest boot brand.