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Colby Stevenson wins the April GoPro Line Of The Winter Prize

May 08, 2024

American slopestyler turned big mountain charger Colby Stevenson is the winner of April’s GoPro Line Of The Winter challenge.

Colby is best known as one of the world’s best slopestyle skiers, a podium bet in any contest he enters. But if you saw any of his numerous film segments from last winter, you’ll also know he’s a backcountry stomping machine who can shred the steeps with the best of them.

This versatility helped Colby bag his lastest accomplishment: winning April’s GoPro Line Of The Winter award and a cool ten grand.

Former FWT rider Drew Tabke put it best in a comment on our Instagram: “I don’t think people realize the speed and potential consequence of what’s going on here, mans is literally closer to BASE jumping than skiing for a lot of this.”

Stay tuned for the announcement of the overall winner of the GoPro Line Of The Winter contest in the next few days, and check out all of the monthy winners, ski and snowboard, here.