10 Years of Freeskiing – Up For Grabs!

By: Klaus Polzer December 29, 2018

You might have noticed: Downdays turned 10 this past November. In order to celebrate our anniversary as well as the release of the latest issue of the Downdays Magazine, we decided to run a little photo exhibition. Twenty of the greatest images published in Downdays during the last decade are on display in Innsbruck and are being auctioned off to benefit Protect Our Winters Austria.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Pekka Hyssalo by Rami Lappalainen

Pekka Hyssalo as photographed by Rami Lappalainen from the first year of the Downdays Journal.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Aleksander Aurdal by Olav Stubberud

Aleksander Aurdal as photographed by Olav Stubberud from the 3rd year of the Downdays Journal.

Downdays 10 Years of Freeskiing Photo Exhibition in Kater Noster, Innsbruck

Once you´ve scoped the photos, settle down for a beer with a fresh new copy of the Downdays magazine.

Celebrating great ski images has always been an integral part of Downdays, and so have been bull sessions about all things skiing over a tasty beer or cappuccino. Therefore, we decided to bring those two together. At Kater Noster in Innsbruck (Leopoldstrasse 7), a cosy bar and café right next to our office, we are currently hosting a photo exhibition offering a glimpse of the great ski photography that's graced the pages of the Downdays Freeski Journal (2009-2014) and later the Downdays Magazine (2014-2019).

Ten Years of Downdays Photo Exhibition in Kater Noster, Innsbruck

The photo exhibition is on display daily until January 6.

For the non-German speakers, "Kater Noster" means "our hangover." The name fits.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Pep Fujas by Oskar Enander

Pep Fujas as photographed by Oskar Enander, from Downdays Volume 8.

Deciding which photos should make it into the exhibition, out of the hundreds that have been published in a total of 19 issues, was no easy task. Frankly, it was impossible to come up with a fair selection in terms of relevance or artistic value, but we do think we managed to find a good representation of all aspects of the sport we love: freeskiing.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Simon Abt by Klaus Polzer

Simon Abt as captured by Klaus Polzer in Downdays year 2.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Pierre Antoine Chedal by Louis Garnier

This shot of Pierre Antoine Chedal by Louis Garnier narrowly missed making the cover in Volume 6.

Ahmet Dadali plays hoops in Slovenia in the December 2014 issue, as shot by Ethan Stone.

However, we not only wanted to celebrate ourselves, but also freeskiing as a whole, and give something back to the freeski community as well. As a result, all prints of the exhibition are being auctioned, with all the  proceeds going to POW Austria and their initiative “Hot Planet, Cool Athletes.” As a part of this campaign, ski and snowboard pros will travel through Austria in order to educate people about the consequences of climate change and how everyone can help to make a difference, particularly while practicing outdoor sports.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Mark von Roy by Flo Breitenberger

We´re supporting Protect Our Winters, because we still want to see photos like this in fifty years. Downdays managing editor Mark von Roy, by Flo Breitenberger.

Downdays photo exhibition Kater Noster

The walls in your apartment are looking a bit sorry. Get some eye candy and support POW at the same time.

Downdays photo exhibition Magnus Graner by David Malacrida

Keep winters cold, like this chilly shot of Magnus Granér by David Malacrida from Volume 5.

Thanks to the guys at Mons Royale for supporting the exhibition and to all photographers who donated their images: Gianmarco Allegrini, Alessandro Belluscio, Jeremy Bernard, Florian Breitenberger, Adam Clark, Oskar Enander, Louis Garnier, Blake Jorgenson, Rami Lappalainen, Pally Learmond, David Malacrida, Alexander Meliss, Klaus Polzer, Ethan Stone, Olav Stubberud, Stephan Sutton and Jérôme Tanon!

Downdays Photo exhibition Leo Taillefer by Jerome Tanon, Downdays cover

The cover of our latest magazine in poster format: Leo Taillefer lays virgin tracks on Biacherahi North Face in Pakistan, as photographed by Jérôme Tanon.

Big thanks to photographers like Flo Breitenberger, who snapped this cover contender of Jochen Reiser in Volume 9, for consistently filling our pages with bangers.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Tobi Tritscher by Pally Learmond

Tobi Tritscher wrangles an Alaskan spine, as shot by veteran Downdays contributor Pally Learmond.

So if you happen to be in Innsbruck during holiday season—or are maybe even looking for a reason to travel to the Alps’ unofficial capital—drop by Kater Noster and have a look for yourself. Hopefully you'll like what you see, and decide to give it a go with a bid on one of the pictures.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Kater Noster in Innsbruck

Our Kater Noster recommendation: anything on the gin tonic menu.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Sämi ortlieb by Ethan Stone

Under the bridge with Sämi Ortlieb, shot by Ethan Stone in the latest issue Downdays — make sure to grab a free copy while you´re in Kater.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Loic Collomb Patton by Jeremy Bernard

Loic Collomb-Patton by Jeremy Bernard.

Each image is a fine art print of 60x40cm with 5cm of white on all sides. Minimum bid is €50 per image. If you don’t make it to the exhibition, you can still make a bid via e-mail to christian(at)

Ten Years of Downdays Photo Exhibition in Kater Noster, Innsbruck

Drop in a bid to get a piece of freeski history and give a helping hand to POW Austria.

Downdays Photo Exhibition Stian Hagen by Adam Clark

Stian Hagen by Adam Clark from the latest Downdays mag.

Fabian Bösch by Gianmarco Allegrini from the Winter 2019 issue.

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