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Level 20: Trip through time with a podcast and Level 1’s classic movies

By: Ethan Stone July 29, 2019

Fans of freeskiing - especially from the revolutionary last two decades of the sport - are in for a treat this summer. Level 1 Productions is making all of its classic movies free to view for the first time, and accompanying them with an insightful podcast series.

Balance (2000): the video that started it all.

Balance, Second Generation, Strike Three, Forward — these names might not mean a whole lot to the kids these days. But to the old freeski heads, these are like the opening chapters of the Bible: the foundation on which much of modern freeskiing stands today.

Second Generation (2001): the sequel.

This year Level 1 Productions will release its 20th annual ski movie, Romance. It'll also be the company's last annual ski film. Now don't get in a tizzy just yet — this doesn't mean Level 1 is going away. They'll still be producing ski content, just not the regular annual films we've grown to expect and love.

Strike Three (2002): The final film of the opening trilogy.

To celebrate 20 years of L1, the company is dropping a new podcast each Sunday through this November. Host-slash-intern Conor Smith goes for the weekly deep dive with Level 1 head honchos Josh Berman and Freedle Coty. Each podcast addresses a different movie in the L1 canon, starting from the beginning and as an added bonus, Level 1 is also releasing each film online for free for the very first time. It's a rare opportunity for fans of the sport and of L1 to beef up on their classic freeski knowledge with these epic blasts from the past.

Forward (2003): the dawn of modern style and the ascendance of Dave Crichton.

This week the Level 20 podcast is already up to the company's fifth film, High Five. So if you're just dropping in now, you've got a bit of catching up to do, with the four movies mentioned above already out for free.

High Five (2004): the saga continues.

Level 1 says that the old movies will be available for free viewing just for this summer - so make sure to click play on these classic flicks while you've got the chance, and queue up the Level 20 podcast for your next train ride, road trip or flight. It's available on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcast.