Out now – new Downdays November Issue

By: November 18, 2016

Taken from the Editorial:

The following pages contain memories and reflections in various forms from Happy Places. From a crew's kamikaze road trip through the Middle East, to a girl's quest to conquer the urban environment, all the way to gravity-defying heights above a world-record feature, this issue's feature stories on the Snowmads expedition, Coline Ballet-Baz's street project and the Suzuki Nine Knights Perfect Hip offer plentiful supplements to your personal stash of skiing recollections.

A range of profiles and interviews offer additional repast, (...) All those individuals have Happy Places to share, and their stories will hopefully encourage you to get out and add to your own. (...)

Find the rest of the editorial and many others articles about e.g. the monstrous Suzuki Nine Knights hip or the behind-the-scenes of Coline Ballet-Baz's street video, in the new Downdays Magazine. 
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