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On The Radar: Manon Loschi

By: Ethan Stone February 11, 2022

Manon Loschi is the newest member of the K2 Europe team. So who is this up-and-coming talent from France? Find out in our latest ON THE RADAR interview.

Manon Loschi

Age: 19

Residing: Thônes, a little city near La Clusaz

Sponsors: K2, Peak Performance, Anon, BCA, La Clusaz, La Scierie restaurant 

Home resort: La Clusaz

On Instagram: @manon_loschi

Manon Loschi

Hi Manon! Congratulations on joining K2! Are you excited about your new sponsor?

Thank you! Yes, I’m super excited! I love the crazy spirit of K2, it's a brand that I've always loved when I was younger and that made me dream with its crazy team of athletes. Actually it's not a new sponsor, it's been three years now that I'm riding for K2. But I was on the French team, and now I'm joining the European team.

Where do you normally ski? What does a regular ski day look like for you?

I'm skiing in La Clusaz. It's so cool there, you always have something to do, no matter the weather and snow conditions. I don't think I have a normal ski day, all of my ski days are different. But a day that looks more like a normal day would start in the morning, I would hike up somewhere with my friends to find the best snow in some faces. And then we would spend the afternoon having fun in Balme, jumping around and doing tricks no matter if the snow is good or not.

K2 Skis Proudly Welcomes Manon Loschi

Do you have a crew that you usually ride with?

Yes definitely! Riding alone is not fun, it’s almost boring. I don’t ride every day with the same crew because in La Clusaz we all know each other, so you can ride with anyone. But most of the time I ride with Lalo Rambaud and my friends from our freeride ski club—they call themselves "les Gaziers."

Are there some skiers you look up to?

There’s a lot, I couldn’t quote all of them. If I have to tell you few of them, I would say:
- Sean Pettit, he has so much style, I love watching him ski. I've watched a lot of his ski movies and he always has been one of my favorite skiers.
- Candide Thovex, he is from my home resort and as a kid you can't grow up there without being a big fan of Candide. He is a really big inspiration for me. Candide is just next level.
- Arthur Longo, so style and creative.
- Jennie-Lee Burmanson, she is so stylish, so smooth while skiing. 

Manon Loschi

How did you get into freeride competition?

I got into freeride competition pretty unexpectedly. I was doing freeride just for fun in my freeride ski club. There was a freeride junior competition in my home resort. At the beginning I didn’t want to do any competition, but my coach convinced me to register at this one. I did it and it was so fun, I ended up fourth and then I wanted to do more. So I joined the competition section of my freeride club that was coached by Seb Michaud, and I did a second competition that I won. Since then I've never stopped.

Do you think we will see a trick like a flatspin in a women’s contest sometime soon? 😉 What do you think about trick progression in freeride contests overall?

Yes! I may do one someday so stay tuned! 😂😏 It's so cool that tricks are more and more into freeride contests, to me it's one of the most fun parts of our sport. Tricks definitely have their place in freeride contests. The tricks are getting more and more creative and it adds so much style to a freeride line!

Manon Loschi

Perfect powder or a perfect park: what’s your pick?

Perfect powder without hesitation! I’m not a big park rider, I do laps in the park sometimes but I’m still not enough comfortable on the different park features. Powder is my oxygen, I can’t live without it! 🤪

Manon Loschi

Manon's Picks

3 musicians to listen to while skiing:

- Nas 
- Mobb Deep
- Guts
Even if I don’t often listen to music while skiing!

3 surf spots:

- Peniche, Portugal
- Bidart, France
- Asturias, Spain 

3 places to ski park:

As I said, I'm not a big park rider so I don’t really know, I never went somewhere to ride the park!
So I'm only going to say Avoriaz for the park of the Infinite Line event, it's so creative and fun to ride with friends.

3 places to ski powder:

- Hakuba, Japan 
- Austria
- Verbier, Switzerland 

Don’t come to La Clusaz when there is powder please, it’s not that good… trust me. 😂