From War to Olympia describes the story of two Afghan skiers who dream of competing at the 2018 Olympic Games. Read more here:


From War to Olympia – Crowdfunding Trailer

By: Roy Kittler November 07, 2017

We intend to write sports history and get two young Afghans to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea. Alishah Farhang and Sajjad Husseini would be the first Afghan skiers ever to participate in the Olympics.

Be part of writing an Olympic fairy tale

They started skiing eight years ago. The last three winters they trained in St. Moritz under professional guidance and gained their first experiences at a major international event this February: the Ski World Championships. Qualifying for the Olympics 2018 is going to be tough. But they could be able to make it!


What’s so special about our project?

Alishah and Sajjad grew up in war and poverty. There was little prospect of a better future – until they discovered their passion for skiing. Participating in the Olympics would mean the fulfillment of a life’s dream. But what’s more, two Afghan skiers at the Olympics would constitute a sign for the distressed people of Afghanistan and the world. Hard work and a little help can contribute to overcome even the biggest obstacles.


Why do we need your support?

The next few months, until Alishah’s and Sajjad’s definite qualification for the Olympics, will be particularly intense in terms of training and expenses. Participating in races around Europe will involve a lot of traveling. If team Afghanistan is to have a realistic chance of making it to the Olympics, they need to work with a professional coach who will be taking care of them on a full-time basis. Also, the trip to South Korea and on-site accommodation need to be paid for. Alishah and Sajjad are sustained by the ski manufacturer Völkl and the Bamyan Ski Club, a non-profit association based in Zürich. However, this is not enough.

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