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15 Ski Channels to Follow on YouTube

By: Downdays October 01, 2020

At first we thought social media would kill it off. But now YouTube is here to stay, and if you want to mainline video content for hours on end, there’s no better place to do it. This goes for skiing as well, with several riders and channels turning to the platform to host their content. Here’s our shortlist of the skiers and channels producing the best ski content on YouTube.

Nikolai Schirmer

Nikolai's well-crafted webisodes  keep viewers engaged through torturous touring missions and sketchy summit clambers, then add the cherry on top when he straps in and goes nuts on the descent. His rising star on YouTube is one reason Nikolai was voted 2019 European Skier of the Year by our readers.

Nikolai´s videos combine equal parts of skillful storytelling, breathtaking drone shots and hard-charging skiing.

Cody Townsend

After defining big mountain segments with Matchstick Productions, Cody pivoted into the world of ski mountaineering. His ambitious project “The Fifty” is a quest to climb and ski all of North America's 50 classic ski descents. Now two years in, Cody has carried us grunting and sweating up and down nearly 30 of these lines, with much more still to come.

Hedvig Wessel

A former Olympian in the moguls, Hedvig found a new home in the freeride scene, where she quickly skied her way into the top ranks of the Freeride World Tour. Her webisode series “Hedvig’s Way” follows in her footsteps with entertaining, well-crafted looks into Hedvig’s life on tour and at home.

Stomp it Tutorials

If you're looking to improve your skiing skills, Stomp It Tutorials is a one-stop shop for easy, practical tips in the snowpark and beyond. From his adopted home in Laax, Swedish skier Jens is on a mission to help the world ski better with thoughtful instructional videos.


If you aren’t already following SLVSH, I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under. Skiing’s game of SKATE-style battles is currently one of the best things that the sport has going for it, with epic showdowns between a diverse cast of today’s best freeski talent from around the world.

Epic battles between the world´s top snowpark talents, SLVSH games will have you procrastinating with ease.

Jacob Wester

Jacob may not post as often as others. But when he does drop a video, it’s always well worth a watch. From hairy Chamonix descents to backcountry booter sessions with the homies, Jacob’s channel provides a healthy dose of freeskiing in its more advanced stages.

Henrik Harlaut

Henrik isn’t a frequent YouTube contributor, but his channel does host his “Day in Life” series, offering glimpses into Henrik’s busy life from skiing with fans in China to winning X Games medals. If you want to get to know the man behind the bark and the swagger, this isn’t a bad place to start.

James Woods

For full immersion into the life of a jovial Brit on the international contest scene, give Woodsy’s channel a look. He’s one of skiing most entertaining personalities both on and off the slopes, and in recent years has gone in on a successful string of vlogs called Woodsy’s World.

Line Traveling Circus

This list wouldn't be complete without the Traveling Circus. For way too long now this gang of skiing miscreants has kept alive one of skiing’s original webisode series. Traveling the world on a shoestring budget, the TC crew still brings something new to the table with every episode.

The Traveling Circus needs no introduction.

Real Skifi

The perennial entertainers from up north, Real SkiFi have been raining down creativity on the Internet for almost a decade now. If you want to see skiing as you’ve truly never seen it before, a deep dive into their videos will immerse you in some of the sport's weirdest interpretations.

Jesper Tjäder

If a skier could be born for YouTube, it would probably be Jesper Tjäder. His unique combination of insane stuntsmanship, immense creativity and incredible talent are tailor-made for Web consumption. A journey through his “Unrailistic” videos and other highlights will have you picking up your jaw afterwards.

Oystein Braten

Plain and simple, Oystein slays. From his off-the-cuff "Fast Laps" clips to occasional longer edit drops, the 2018 Olympic champ keeps his fans on YouTube well-served with high-caliber shred content.

Tired of overproduction? Øystein´s channel keeps it real with no-frills park edits.

Andri Ragettli

Love him or hate him, there’s no avoiding Andri. The Swiss phenom isn’t just a permanent threat on the contest course—he’s also inescapable online. If watching Andri’s machine-like precision on-hill isn’t enough to whet your whistle, drop into his vlogs to watch him unboxing packages, working out at home, and doing whatever else it is that vloggers do.

Kelly Sildaru

Kelly shared a vlog with her brother Henry until this year, when she decided to get started with her very own channel. Here she's doing things her own way—even speaking in her native Estonian because it's more comfortable (don't worry, there are subtitles). Kelly's now four videos deep on her new channel, and there's surely plenty more to come.

Inspired Media TV

For much of the past two decades, now-defunct Inspired Media kept us entertained with grassroots ski content from around the world. Their archives still offer a rich selection of freeski memorabilia, from early B&E Shows to classic movies like Royalty, The Education of Style and BE Inspired.

The Inspired channel offers many a freeski classic, like B&E´s Muddy Winter.

Bonus: Jon Olsson

OK, Jon's YouTube is definitely not a "ski channel" in any sense. Be that as it may, there’s no denying that Jon was once one of the most influential skiers of his time, with a pioneering career that paved the way to his current glamorous lifestyle. You won’t see a lot of skiing on his channel. But when you’ve got a villa in Monaco, fast cars to drive and onesies to sell, who really cares about skiing?

Extra Bonus: ZootSpace

Tired of slick, commercialized videos and vlog self-promoters? Zootspace is for all the real ones out there. If VHS-quality video, esoteric music and grungy park swagger is what gets your goat, you've come to the right place.