The set up at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl is one of the best in europe


The Absolut Park will open it´s doors on the 8th of December once again!

By: Roy Kittler November 09, 2016

Over the last few years the Absolut Park has become one of Europe’s biggest and best snow parks— more than 100 obstacles are shaped on a daily basis by a professional crew, who is dedicated to create a top notch setup at an international level. Nevertheless, the Absolut Park’s team doesn’t rest on their laurels, and plans some great innovations for the 2016/17 season, which will start at December 8.

The famous pro kickerline at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl

The pro kicker line at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl provides all the airtime you need © Markus Rohrbacher / Absolut Park

Lines for any level: Rail yard, jib park, halfpipe and superpipe.
The Absolut Park is one of a kind in Europe: As one of the largest terrain parks in the Alps, it is over 1.5 kilometres long, includes five challenging kickers in a row, numerous rails and boxes, a small halfpipe and a separate jib park. Anyone who has been there will return with a smile. For that reason, many new rail and jib features for all levels will be installed and various obstacles redesigned or repositioned in 2017. Fans of smaller jibs will be especially happy to find longer beginner and medium lines in the upcoming winter season, which both will reach down to the Powder Shuttle.

Thanks to the brand-new reservoir the water volume for snow production could be tripled compared to 2016 and the reliability of snow coverage has improved massively. At ideal temperatures, the park can be set up in only four days time. All of that is absolutely unique in the Alps!

Absolut Park Flachauwinkl

© Markus Rohrbacher / Absolut Park

Pedal to the metal: Superpipe and X-course

Banked slaloms and carving the slopes are quite a hype at the moment, which is well known at Absolut Park, so the resort presents a new border- and ski-cross course next to the Fürstwandlift in Kleinarl. Time to strap on less responsive boards or skis and get those rusty racing skills going again!

The park’s biggest highlight still is the superpipe, which meets the dimensions required for X-Games and Olympic Games: It has 7 metre walls, is 160 metre long and 30 metre wide. A number of top pros and European national teams train here on a regular basis, which is why it is serviced by its own lift. The superpipe is kept in perfect shape throughout the season by no less than Jamie Kennerley, the eminent shaping expert from New Zealand.

Dennis Ranalter getting his steeze on at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl

Dennis Ranalter captured by © Markus Rohrbacher / Absolut Park

Back to nature: The Stash® Park.
Burton’s outstanding natural park, The Stash®, is also a great freestyle experience. There are nearly 40 obstacles in this unique park concept — one of only five snow parks of its kind worldwide — all integrated into the natural environment and all of which can be ridden in different ways. A rope bridge, poles, a hut rebuilt into a saloon and banked wall rides are but a few of the obstacles on offer, while the natural terrain also provides an incredible number of jib possibilities. An enormous backcountry area with countless natural powder jumps, cliffs, and wind lips also adds to the fun.

And at the top of the run is the Lil’ Stash, which provides beginners with wider, easier boxes and rails to practice on. For winter season 2016/17, it will be complemented by a few new jib features.

The pro kicker line at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl provides all the airtime you need

The pro kicker line at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl provides all the airtime you need © Markus Rohrbacher / Absolut Park

Hanging out, bouldering and skateboarding: The Chillhouse.
Sooner or later everyone needs a break, so why not have double the fun at Shuttleberg mountain. At the Chillhouse, you can either relax in the sun while watching your friends rip the jib park or head inside and try bouldering on the massive rock wall or skateboarding on the fun mini ramp. Here video walls show recent snowboard and freeski movies and transform the Chillhouse into the number one place to be in bad weather.

Absolut School: Freestyle is for everyone!
The Absolut School is a must for freeskiers and snowboarders who would like to take full advantage of the Absolut Park but don’t feel that they are experienced enough. Here you can learn freestyle skills from trained instructors, all of whom are experienced freestylers or successful pros in the international freeski and snowboard scene. They are there to share tips and techniques that make freestyle tricks easier and provide top tuition to improve one’s riding level.

The Absolut School also focuses on freeriding: Learn the right off-piste code of practice and how to handle safety equipment at the ZSAEP Experience and SAAC avalanche camps, which take place once a year.

The pro kicker line at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl provides all the airtime you need

The pro kicker line at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl provides all the airtime you need © Markus Rohrbacher / Absolut Park

Events and contests at Absolut Park

National and international snowboard and freeski contests are held at Absolut Park on a regular basis, reflecting the quality of the snow park. From the Spring Battle or the Jib King a top-class course and perfect organisation guarantee good times and a lot of fun for both contestants and spectators.

January 6 — 7, 2017 / Jib King
The Jib King kicks off the new contest season at Absolut Park. Jib loving freeskiers and snowboarders get the chance to present their best tricks on the obstacles in the jib park for a chance to win the Jib King and Jib Queen titles. Anyone can compete in the contest — registration is free and takes place on site on the day of the event.

March 18 — 22, 2017 / Spring Battle

As part of the World Snowboard Tour the Spring Battle at Absolut Park has become a must in the schedules of international top riders. Year after year, the excellent park conditions paired with the high riding level, warm spring temperatures, and a unique format attract snowboarders and freeskiers from all over the world to meet in Flachauwinkl. Again, the slopestyle contest will be a follow cam jam session: For several days, all participating teams of two get the chance to film their best run and hand in the video to the judges. Men and women, freeskiers and snowboarders — anyone can take part and even mixed teams are allowed.

April 1, 2017 / ZSAEP Experience
The ZSAP Experience is a one-day freeski event for 15 preselected young rookies. Together with pro riders, a filmer and a photographer, the young guns cruise the Absolut Park and try to snatch as many good shots as possible. Avalanche safety training is also included in the program.

March 11 — 12, 2017 / SAAC Basic Camp
The SAAC Basic Camp is a three-day avalanche safety camp with both theory and practical training for off-piste fans. For more info and to sign up head to