Downdays November 2016 Issue – Nine Knights World Record Hip

By: November 21, 2016

An impressive new world record was set at Suzuki Nine Knights last April: a 14.2 meter high hit on a hip! But that wasn’t the only highlight. Here’s a look back at the spectacle in Watles from a different angle.


David Wise

David Wise

The world-record air from David Wise: 14.2 meters above the takeoff! By the way, the deck of the hip landing was a meter higher than the takeoff, so the air was actually higher than it looks in the image. David traveled a distance of almost 30 meters and was in the air for 3.5 seconds—possibly a record-worthy value in and of itself. This all was made possible by the ultimate hip build, a goodly 18 meters high and 60 meters long—dimensions that are even more impressive in person than in the pictures. At the first look, more than just a few people were wondering who would even hit this monster at all… a question that was quickly answered (...).


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