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Peak Performance’s Trailblazer Program: Inspiring Women to Get outdoors

By: Ethan Stone March 22, 2023

On 8 March 2023, Peak Performance announced the launch of the Trailblazer Program: a long-term initiative to improve representation for women in outdoor sports.

Despite improvements in recent years, skiing—and most outdoor sports like it—are still mostly male-centric industries. Thankfully that’s starting to change, thanks in no small part from initiatives from brands, media and even private individuals. With the launch of the new Trailblazer Program, Peak Performance is lending a powerful tool to the forces of change.

Elisabeth Gerritzen for the Peak Performance Trailblazer Program

"I think the industry needs to work hard on diversifying who they ´let in,´" says Elisabeth Gerritzen. "We are force-fed a very specific image of womanhood, one that I believe very few people can actually identify with."

Women are underrepresented in all mountain sports and activities. To acknowledge this and help inspire more women to explore the outdoors we are launching a new long-term commitment with the ambition to change that. Shedding light on female role models, supporting female adventurers  and taking action against barriers that prevent women from exploring and experiencing the outdoors. - Peak Performance

The mission of the Trailblazer Program is quite simple: to allocate funds (up to €8000 per application) to projects that will inspire more women to go outdoors. That could be a movie idea, an event, a web series, a podcast, and art project—nearly anything you can imagine, as long as it helps get more women into action!

Hedvig Wessel for Peak Performance Trailblazer Program

"I think there are enough female role models out there, I really do," says Hedvig Wessel. "At the same time, I think that brands, companies, and the corporate world have a responsibility to bring those role models to the front."

If you’re interested in getting funding for your project or idea, visit the Trailblazer Program page on Peak Performance’s website to learn more and submit your application.

Applications will be reviewed by a team of panelists that includes Peak Performance athletes Hedvig Wessel, Elisabeth Gerritzen and Amanda Timm, as well as brand president Sara Molnar. The application period is open until 8 May, and the winners of Traiblazer funding will be announced on 8 June. The program is open for people living in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.