Peak Performance Downdays Brand Guide

Peak Performance

Bringing the freeride spirit to the world

Born in the Scandinavian mountains out of a love for skiing in remote, untouched terrain, Peak Performance’s passion for adventure and nature runs deep. Their mission is simple: to bring the freeride spirit to the world. As for their products, they all have the same purpose – empowering the freedom to be adventurous and follow your own line. Whether it be horizontally or vertically, on skis, by bike, or on foot, they offer a balance of style and performance. Peak Performance’s Scandinavian heritage is everpresent, and their commitment to doing better things in a better way is their never-ending responsibility.

Once upon a time…

…back in 1986, two very passionate skiers, one of them a world-class mogul skier with several World Cup wins, were sitting next to each other in a chairlift heading up a mountain. About to test and write about a new skiwear line, they started to talk about why no one was making skiwear that they wanted to wear; that is, garments that combined excellent functionality with simple, attractive design. Also, they wondered if there was any way that they could stay longer and more often in the ski resort they both loved—the little mountain village of Åre in northern Sweden.

It turned out that the answer to both questions was Peak Performance. Initially, their ambitions didn’t extend much beyond making some clothes for themselves and their friends, in sufficient quantities to make a living from it. The business was shaped by what was important to them. Finding the right design and technical solution was paramount.

Did you know that Peak Performance…

…distributed their first mail-order catalogue in Sweden in 1987?

…created their first shell jacket in 1988?

…opened their first store in Stockholm in 1991 and began to export products to Norway, Denmark, Finland and Switzerland?

…signed their first athlete contract in 1999 with freerider Henrik Windstedt?

…arranged the world’s first hot air balloon BASE jump in St. Moritz, Switzerland?

…began sponsoring the Freeride World Tour in 2016, started to work with the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) on all their down garments, and began offering free repairs?

…just became the presenting partner of the Freeride World Tour for the next four years?

And the strategy worked. In the late 1980s, people were tired of extravagance and superficiality. Everybody was looking for the real thing that comes with genuine quality. Ski jackets with leather details and flannel shirts were suddenly the answer, rather than neon and looking like a fully decorated Christmas tree. Orders generated by the first mail order catalog overwhelmed the little post office in town. So much so that they had to take on more staff just to keep up.

During the early years, most things took longer to do than they should have. After all, Peak Performance was a company founded by skiers—people who, more than anything else, wanted to ski come winter. Anyone who managed to find their little office in Åre was often confronted with a sign on the front door that read: Gone skiing.

Peak Performance Downdays Brand Guide