By: Downdays January 22, 2021

Ladies, gentlemen and others, The Bunch have done it again, and served up another modern masterpiece for our time. Without further ado, this is “Is There Time For Matching Socks.”

One easily falls into the same pattern over and over, no matter what one does. No matter if it’s getting dressed in the morning or making a ski film. It’s as natural as water flows in a stream, or thoughts flow in our minds. Is There Time For Matching Socks is our quest to escape the default mode.

The Bunch has made conscious choices to lower the carbon footprint of this production and the emissions that were still generated have been balanced by 200%. The emissions were balanced via a Gold Standard-certified wind park project in Aruba. Total emissions 40 900 kg CO2eq This corresponds to the yearly carbon footprint of either 2 Americans, 4 Swedes or 427 Rwandans.

Climate Report:

Supported by: Poc Sports Peak Performance GoClimate

Producers: Magnus Granér Pär Hägglund Alric Ljunghager Alex Hackel

Executive Producer: Pär Hägglund

Director Of Photography: Pär Hägglund

Cinematography: Pär Hägglund Gustav Cavallin Jens Nilsson Andreas Olofsson

Editing: Jens Nilsson Pär Hägglund

Art Director: Alric Ljunghager

Still Photography: Alric Ljunghager

Sustainability: Magnus Granér Cecilia Lindén Alexandra Palmqvist

Music Supervision: Pär Hägglund

Sound Design: Jens Nilsson

Sound mix: Hugo Burvall

Additional Cinematography: Ludwig Hagelstein
Emil Skoog

Skiers: Magnus Granér Alex Hackel Kim Boberg Emil Granbom Eirik Moberg Abner F Wyman Maximilliam Smith Oliver Karlberg Pär Hägglund Lucas Stål Madison Hugo Burvall Ida Björses Douglas Källsbo Sakarias Majander Jens Nilsson Vilmer Ivarsson Emil Larsen Henrik Harlaut