Moinsa | Flurina & Andri Bieger Rediscover Disentis

By: Downdays January 21, 2021

Andri and Flurina Bieger are a hard-charging brother and sister team from the Swiss mountain town of Disentis. Though they’ve often traveled to chase their passion for skiing, last season Andri & Flurina decided to rediscover the terrain around Disentis, which is known as a hidden gem in the freeride scene.

Flurina Bieger and Andri Bieger at the Lukmanier Pass

Flurina Bieger and Andri Bieger. Photo: Remo Thommen

It was going to be the best winter, we were sure of that,” reports Flurina. “In February the exams were over, and then only skiing and filming were on our agenda. We didn’t have any lack of ideas for possible storylines of our first ski film, which we came up with during the uphills on mountain bike tours, and now only the snow was missing. When we decided on the storyline, we had no idea how relevant the subject would become: We wanted the film to highlight the benefits of skiing at home resorts and show why you don’t have to travel far. We wanted to go to the resort, mountain huts and interview various locals around Disentis, Switzerland.”

Andri Bieger hiking at Disentis during the filming of Moinsa

It’s easy to see why Disentis known as a freerider’s paradise. Andri Bieger hikes for another line. Photo: Remo Thommen

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic tossed a wrench into their plans, and the Bieger siblings were only able to log a few days of filming before the resorts in the region closed early for the season. However, Andri and Flurina made the most of those days by putting tracks on a variety of Disentis’ steep, couloired terrain.

Disentis Freeride, Flurina Bieger

Flurina in the start gate of a tight chute above the ski resort.

“By the end of the season we had some film sequences, although by no means from all spots we had planned,” says Flurina. “Even though the whole project was full of little setbacks and we only had 3 effective filming days, we are really happy with the result, because it motivates people to discover and enjoy their own backyard. In the end, we were infinitely grateful that we could pursue our passion despite the pandemic.”

Andri Bieger filming for Moinsa in Disentis, Switzerland.

Andri in action while filming for “Moinsa.” Photo: Remo Thommen