By: Downdays December 21, 2020

It seems that Real Skifi never runs out of these two things:

1. Insane jib ideas

2. New sponsors to support their videos

Their latest, Episode 18, offers up plenty of both: more wacky ideas on skis that only this crew could think up, plus the soothing, sickly-sweet sponsorship of none other than Mountain Dew: the thirst-quencher. Take a swig of this neon-green substance and enjoy the show.

After releasing “Real Skifi Episode 17” in 2017 we put the original format on a break. Since then we’ve produced more than a dozen videos with varying concepts and names. Now, three years later we decided it’s time to bring back the old and well-rested format. Here is “Episode 18” – four and a half minutes of pure Real Skifi street skiing action. Skiing: Juho Kilkki, Ilkka Hannula Filming: Janne Korpela, Anton Geier Location: Jyväskylä, Finland Music: The Big Let Down ft. Erik Fernholm – Wanna Run Away with You