Line Traveling Circus 13.3 | Vandemic

By: Downdays December 11, 2020

The 13th season of Line Traveling Circus wraps up with Episode 13.3, “Vandemic.” The crew debuts the new van on summer skiing excursions in Colorado and Oregon before the pandemic shuts down the fun.

NEW VAN! In the Season 13 Finale, the crew masks up and hits the road in the brand new Van Bear Pig 2.0! The circus makes the rounds to the classic American summer ski spots – Copper Mountain, CO and Mount Hood, OR. Meanwhile, Andy’s #VanLife expertise lands him a new job in Portland building out sprinter vans. Perfect timing to have Andy practice his new skills adding a few amenities to the van.

Words from LTC “Thanks to everyone who helped support our mission to get a new van on the road. Hope to see you soon at your home mountain! We’ll be the smelly guys living in the van next to the chairlift.”