Tobi Tritscher | Freeze

By: Downdays December 09, 2020

Austrian shredder Tobi Tritscher is one of several pioneers of the Euro freeski scene who’ve turned their attention to freeride in recent years. Tobi’s latest edit “Freeze” shows him flowing like water on a tasty mix of natural slopes.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) described water as “the driving force of all nature.” Water is the single most vital natural resource for life on earth!

The freeride athlete Tobias Tritscher and film maker Björn Hunger decided to produce a tribute to the most important element of life: water.

The human body is made up of over 70% of water – about 71 % of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. Water is a constant reminder that life repeats. How? Water is the only substance on earth with a visible cycle – the hydrologic cycle: melting, sublimation, evaporation, freezing, condensation, and deposition.

„Freeze“ is a reminder that life repeats itself. Trust in life. Trust in your life lessons – only you got the power to change or repeat the circumstances of your life circle.

The tribute was filmed in the heart of the Austrian alps – when water froze into snow and created a playground for all winter lovers. The skiing is versatile – just like water is. Now enjoy the three minutes of pure joy and repeat the positive days of your life circle.