A rough and tumble history

What the FWT

By: Ethan Stone December 25, 2023

For outsiders to the somewhat insular discipline of competitive freeride skiing, the Freeride World Tour can seem a bit enigmatic at first glance. What is this motley crew of athletes and organizers doing, touring around the world just to huck their bodies down some of the world’s most daunting contest venues?

If you’re new to the sport but curious what’s going on here, there’s no better introduction to the Tour than this new documentary film by longtime FWT insider and photographer Dom Daher and David Arnaud. From the FWT’s humble beginnings, to judging controversies, to the herculean efforts of the production team, this film is all you need to understand WTF—I mean, what the FWT—is doing out there. Enjoy the watch!

From the Freeride World Tour on YouTube: Written and directed by Dom Daher and co-directed by David Arnaud, What the FWT is a film presented by Alpina Watches that unveils the untold and astonishing story of the FWT, including a behind-the-scenes look into the colossal effort it takes to run an event.