By: Adam Herman December 20, 2023

Owen Dahlberg doesn’t disappoint. The filmer/editor of the Magma trilogySoulstar, Quaters & Halves and much (much!) more came out with probably one of the best park edits of this year featuring an unbelievably stacked crew, slushy Cardrona, and Owen’s signature filming and editing. Enjoy.

From YouTube: NZ trip/ JWI

Featuring Charlie Gnoza , Mac Forehand , Tanner Blakely, Konnor Ralph , Alex Hall , Nico Porteous , Jed Waters, Cody Laplante , Topher Newett , Will Welsh , Hughmac , Joona Kangas , Max Moffatt, Quin Wolferman , Jackson Wells, Evan Mceachran , Kevin Bang, Felix Klein , Tom Greenway, Thibault magnin , Troy Podmilsak , Francisco Salas, Edjoy , Tristan feinberg, and Kai Mahler

A video by Owen Dahlberg