Not your typical wedding

Honeymoon or Texture Bounce | A wedding & street ski film

By: Simon Bartik December 22, 2023

Newlyweds Dasha Agafonova-Knight and Simon Knight celebrated their honeymoon with style – by skiing in the streets and creating an artistic film. We believe that the freeski scene hasn’t seen anything similar before. It is beautifully filmed and edited, the spot selection is funky and entertaining, and the overall vibe makes it very enjoyable to watch. Celebrate their wedding by watching this masterpiece!

We also recommend reading Dasha’s story in our On The Radar Interview if you haven’t yet!

From YouTube:

It is not a ski movie. Contains street skiing, our wedding and our honeymoon. A film by Simon Knight and Dasha Agafonova-Knight

Supported by LINE & VISHNU

With help from Matt Wundy, Parviz Faiz, Will Wesson, Mike Carmazzi, Emily Runnels & our families

Filmed on DVX100, VX2100 & Krasnogorsk-3 (K3) 16mm processed and scanned by NegativeLand

Additional filming – Mike Carmazzi