By: Ethan Stone November 18, 2021

Join Kristoffer Turdell and friends on a moving visual journey to the Swedish skiing epicenter of Riksgränsen in a very special short film presented by Peak Performance: “Polar Circle.”

The long train into the north to Riksgränsen is a rite of passage for Swedish skiers. Hop on for the ride with Kristoffer Turdell and Peak Performance to sample a few moments of the unique vibe that is Riksgränsen in the springtime.

Polar Circle presented by Peak Performance and Kristoffer Turdell

Kristofer Turdell, Hedvig Wessel, Niklas Lundgren, Max Palm, Felix Raffaelli and Lucas Stål Madison on their way to the north. Photo: Adam Falk

The short film is based on an idea from Turdell, who wanted to portray and share the atmosphere and close friendships that he has experienced through skiing. He feels this the strongest when visiting Riksgränsen, Sweden’s northernmost and most legendary ski resort, at the end of each season.

Polar Circle for me is about the location, atmosphere and community. To ride with friends and live in the moment, but at the same time be part of the history.

– Kristoffer Turdell

Kristoffer’s idea has been interpreted and developed by a creative team led by director Adam Falk and filmed by DOP Pär Hägglund. “My intention with Polar Circle is to make an authentic journey into the feelings and emotions of the winter outdoor community,” says Falk.