Freeride City

Three videos explaining the radness of Innsbruck, the Freeride City

By: Downdays March 29, 2019

This winter we dropped a few choice clips on our Facebook page made by filmer Florian Albert together with local shredders Verena Fendl and Manuela Mandl. Taken all together, these three clips show why Innsbruck is currently one of the hottest places to be if you want to spend a lot of your time sliding on snow.

Clip #1 Gruaba Groschtl

The first cut from Verena, Manu and Florian dives right into the unique skiing culture of Innsbruck and Tyrol. The ladies take advantage of snow in the city to go touring directly from their doorsteps, grabbing some ingredients like fresh milk and eggs along the way. Above the city, they cook up a tasty Gröstl — a delicious blend of potatoes, bacon and eggs—before enjoying a headlamp-lit ride back home. More than anything else, this clip shows the immediacy of skiing in Innsbruck — where someone touring along the sidewalk is actually not all that ridiculous to imagine, and skiing is always one spontaneous afternoon away.

Clip #2: Girls Day Kalkkögel

Our second clip highlights some of the amazing terrain that’s available in the immediate area around Innsbruck — especially if you’re ready to don some skins and get off the beaten path. In “Girls Day Kalkkögel” a ladies’ squad consisting of Verena, Manuela, Tove Kockum and Anna Smoothy explore the untapped possibilities of the Kalkkögel range to the city’s southwest.


Clip #3 hammers home again how easy it is to access skiing from Innsbruck. A car isn’t necessary here — you can jump on a train, take a bus or even just pedal your bike to the closest gondola station. Tyrol’s extensive network of public transportation options will get you to the top of any number of mountains in the region within an hour of your doorstep.

Big thanks to Florian, Verena and Manuela for sharing these slices of life from Innsbruck, the Freeride City. Maybe they'll give you some ideas for your next visit to this freeride center!