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Just what, you ask, is "tight loose?" Allow the TGR crew to explain.

For those of us in Europe, a 21st birthday doesn’t carry much weight. By the time they hit 21, Euros have already been drinking and partying legally for years. The unique American runaround of getting a fake ID, sneaking into drinking locales, getting busted for underage drinking even when your government thinks you’re old enough to go to war, is a subject of wonder and ridicule for those who’ve been drinking since they can see over the bar.

Nevertheless, it’s Teton Gravity Research’s 21st birthday, and you can be damn sure that they’re going to celebrate it in style. Dubbed Tight Loose, their 2016 flick honors the one-of-a-kind mindset that TGR has been hard at work cultivating for all these years.

“Keep it tight, let it get a little loose, but always keep it tight loose.”

Tight loose: what is it? For TGR it’s the state of being that cultivates true radness. Things must be tight, aka on point; efficient; dialed; precise; well-executed. Yet, once things are tight, they may also get loose: wild, unpredictable, seat-of-the-pants, crazy, reckless. It’s about “keeping things as buttoned-up on the front end in order to seize the moment when things reach the edge of control,” says TGR. A fitting theme for TGR’s coming-of-age party — a tribute to their tried-and-true lifestyle. So buckle your seat belt, loosen your boots and enjoy the trailer.

Teton Gravity Research’s Tight Loose will premiere in Fall 2016. Check here to find a screening location near you.



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