Light the joint

Armada Launches “Joint Efforts” with a heater from Kimbo Sessions

By: Roy Kittler October 08, 2019

The first installment of Armada Skis’ 2019/2020 “Joint Efforts” campaign is live!

Filmed and edited by longtime AR family member Corey Stanton, Joint Efforts Vol. 1 showcases a massive Armada crew during one day of rapid-fire laps and group drop-ins at the iconic Kimbo Sessions event in Kläppen, Sweden last spring. You can watch the edit exclusively on the ARV Joint Efforts mini-site.

“I started my journey with Armada as a kid on Blackcomb Glacier seeing JP, Anthony and Julien rocking probably the first pairs of Armadas ever made,” reports Stanton. “I went from super fan, to first intern, to a part of the family for over 15 years now.”

“It’s been a privilege to collaborate with these inspirations over the years and see the ARV evolve with this,” he adds. “I hope this piece captures the spirit of Armada and how fun skiing is!”

The clip marks the official kick-off of Armada’s new “Joint Efforts” campaign—a five-part series of intimate collaborations among the AR family’s talented network of creators. According to the company, Joint Efforts “hones in on Armada’s tradition of Athlete x Artist collaborations, which have always been a driving force behind the brand.” Having given their collaborators full creative reign for each installment, the campaign promises to deliver five unique pieces that, when put together, encompass the full range of the company’s athletic and artistic influence.