Crazy Karl and friends shred Beartooth Pass

By: Ethan Stone July 02, 2018

Beartooth Pass in Montana has been on the come-up in recent years as a North American summer skiing destination, chiseling its way into a narrow market that’s long been dominated by Mt. Hood and Whistler. (We here in Europe, in contrast, currently have our pick of several different summer skiing destinations, although granted, we’re not allowed to rip around on snowmobiles).

In addition to lift-accessed skiing provided by Beartooth Basin ski area, the area also has a wide range of backcountry options, making it a choice playground for skiers like Karl Fostvedt aka “Crazy Karl.” Karl spent much of June 2018 up at Beartooth with a snowmobile, his skis and a pack of like-minded homies, and if you’re anything like us, the resulting video may have you seriously reconsidering the location of your next June ski-and-camp mission.