Eileen Gu | Volcano Hot Laps

By: Downdays August 18, 2020

Chinese-American skier Eileen Gu has been on a roll lately. Last year Eileen added Red Bull and Faction to her sponsor list, and announced her naturalization as a Chinese citizen as well as her intent to ski for China in the 2022 Olympics. With a growing fan base on both sides of the Pacific, Eileen is certainly one to watch in the run-up to the next five-ringed circus.

Dust off your planks and head over to mama Hood for some midsummer hot laps with Eileen Gu. Eileen is back in her favorite element, hot lapping the infamous Volcano summer ski mecca that is Mt. Hood, Oregon. Smash play and cool down with some slush summer skiing.

Filmed and edited by: Dave Trevino