Sand, dirt, grass, water

Go Behind the Scenes as Candide Thovex Skis the World

By: Ethan Stone January 29, 2019

This doesn’t get talked about much, but while filming for the viral “quattro 2” short with Audi in 2017, Candide Thovex had one of the gnarliest ski seasons you can think of: traveling non-stop for three months around the world to ski on sand, dirt, grass, water and plain old rocks.

Most of us watched the “Ski the World” edit— maybe a couple times if you’re a big Candide fan — said, “Wow, this is insane,” and promptly forgot about it. But what we didn’t get to fully appreciate in the 4-and-a-half minutes final edit was the unbelievable amount of preparation, improvisation and raw determination that were necessary to pull off one of skiing’s craziest known film projects. Now, Candide’s new behind-the-scenes video from the project gives us a glimpse into just how crazy the filming of “quattro 2” actually was. If we’re reading this right, this is just the start of a series on the making of the project — and if this one is any reference, it’s just the start of a treasure trove of stories from this legendary undertaking.

Candide Thovex – quattro 2 (Ski The World) – 2018