Inbounds blasting with Sage and friends

By: Ethan Stone September 23, 2016

With all the current hype about ski touring, getting into the backcountry and embarking on ever-gnarlier adventures, a simple fact is often overlooked: resort shredding is rad, too. In his latest edit drop, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa takes a few friends down one of his favorite runs at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.

“Skiing at the resort is one of my favorite parts about winter,” writes Sage. “Hot lapping with your friends, finding lines, zipping through trees, catching air, and then doing it all over again, over and over. This video captures that feeling, the glory of just cruising around having fun at a ski resort.”

“I invited Johnny Collinson, and Mark Abma down to shred Mt. Bachelor with me last winter to film a video of us doing just that, we had a blast, caught some air, and had some laughs.”