By: Matt Masson December 09, 2022

Oliver Hoblitzelle is a magician behind a camera.  An X Games Real Ski fan favourite in 2019 and overall in 2020, is proof of that. Meet me at the Sauna doesn’t feature his long-term partner-in-crime; Jake Mageau but plenty of familiar faces, of the Arsenic Anywhere gang, hit some preposterous features in seven of the best minutes you’ll have today!

From YouTube: Arsenic Presents: Paddy Flanagan, Eirik Moberg, Oscar Weary, Lauri Kavari, Forster Meeks, Sawyer Sellingham, Tall T Dan and Harald Hellstrom

Filmer, Editor, God of Management: Oliver Hoblitzelle

Thank you to Forre, Mama Hellstrom, Janne Saarinen, Kevin Salonius, Lil Larry, ON3P, Surface,, Sanch, and Hesburger mayonnaise.