By: Matt Masson December 06, 2022

If you’re not familiar with the “Arlberg effect” watch this movie to educate yourself!

From Youtube: We proudly present the online release of “Arlberg Effekt” ⛷️🏂☃️🍿 A Freeride movie filmed at the Arlberg with its locals during the 2021-22 Winter season. Explore the powder region in a cinematic way, as some of the best riders in the world show you their backyard. 🌐

Riders: Dino Flatz, Nadine Wallner, Stefan Häusl, Lorraine Huber, Gigi Rüf, Mikaela Hollsten, Núria Castán Barón, Sebi Mall Graphic Designer: Núria Castán Barón

Filmer: Timm Schröder Daniel Bear Alex Fuchs

Editor: Timm Schröder

Additional Footage: Pirate Movie Production

Sound Designer: Ran Livne

Original Soundtrack: Ran Livne

Songs List: The ride- Ran Livne Feat. Talila’s Cat Late Night- Ran Livne Dark Scent- TL King Od Layla- Reyish copyright © 2022 all rights reserved #stantonamarlberg #arlberg #arlbergeffekt