By: Matt Masson December 05, 2022

An Injured Jossi Wells had to sit out this year’s Deviate Films flick, luckily most of the Armada team and Cody LaPlante stepped up to fill the void left by the Kiwi and boy did they fill it!

Chameleon is one of those movies where you think every segment is your favorite until the next one is so good that it makes you rethink your choices! That really is saying something when the opening segment is from everyone’s favorite event: Kimbosessions.

Then the man after whom those sessions are named after Mr Boberg shows his skills with launching, slashing and buttering all overthe backcountry.

Then the Cody’s; La Plante and Wilderay take it to the streets in killer back-to-back urban parts.

As I said; It’s basically a collection of favorites!

That’s before we get to a skier who I think is very underrated; Quinn Wolferman. One of the biggest personalities in the scene backs it up with one of the longest parts that really shows a bit of everything, but with his own definite approach to skiing. There’s even a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance of the ski boss, with a few shots of Sammy Carlson skiing, Chameleon manages to squeeze in almost the entire Armada crew. It’s no coincidence that it’s such a diverse and entertaining ski flick.

Deviate films is after all Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells production company so it’s only right that Torin closes Chameleon.  After the way he has fought back from massive injuries and misfortune his part proves how he’s now truly back to his best.

I think I might have a new favourite production company.

From YouTube:

A ski film collective started by Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells in 2019, Deviate Films brings you their third movie ‘CHAMELEON’. A distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards, chameleons are known for their range of colors, shifting hues and adaption to new realms. With Jossi on the bench this season due to an injury, Torin connected with new faces in Minnesota, Montana, British Columbia and Sweden. A visual diversion starring Torin Yater-Wallace, Quinn Wolferman, Kim Boberg, Cody LaPlante, Cody Wilderay and friends, presented by Armada Skis with support from Redbull, Monster Energy, Darien, Giro and Moment Skis.