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Real Skifi – Juho Kilkki’s ACL Story

By: Ethan Stone November 18, 2019

Juho Kilkki has been killing it with the Real Skifi crew for years, bringing some of skiing’s most imaginative and unusual stunts to life. But his body has paid the price. Juho recounts his long struggle with knee injuries, with crashes and sound recordings that will make you cringe, before setting out to film a session on his reconstructed ACL that, while a bit mellower than the Real Skifi antics we’ve come to know and love, are as progressive as ever.

Juho says he doesn’t know if this video will be his comeback or his farewell. All we can say is that our fingers are crossed for the former.

Juho has been battling with knee issues for years. And he’s not the only one. ACL injuries are far too common in skiing. Sometimes making a successful recovery might be taken for granted. And other times you don’t even realize who didn’t make it back. But what really goes on through the journey?

This video is an in-depth look into Juho’s battles. A lot of things are still uncertain but one thing is for sure: Juho is not giving up easily – the story ain’t over yet!

Music: David Edward Holden – Beyond The Stars
Matt Goodman, Jessica Greenfield & Gavin Conder – I’ve Been Lost
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland