Vincent Gagnier || A Short Season of Funk

By: Roy Kittler May 10, 2018

Vincent Gagnier is one of the most unique skiers out there and every time Vinny drops something new you better not miss it. Unfortunately, Vincent has been plugged by injuries over the past 2 seasons and therefore the amount of highly desired footage has been rare. As Vinny just went under the knife about a month ago we wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back shredding ASAP, because the world can not live without Vinny Cash doin his thing on 2 planks.

This was filmed in December 2017 at Mammoth Mountain and Park City. Unfortunately, this is the best footage I got this year. My season came to an early end for the second year in a row because of injuries, definitely not what I had planned for this season but that’s how life goes sometimes. Now is time for me to face those challenges and tell them that it won’t stop me. I’m confident I will be back with newer, better and funkier tricks in the near futur, until then patience and effort are my new best friends!