High Beams – Skiing with powerful DIY lights at night

By: Roy Kittler May 09, 2018

If you follow Nico Vuignier you know the kid knows a thing or two about creating amazing content. So whenever Nico puts out a new project you never know what to expect, except the fact that it is going to be different and freaking amazing.

Well, once again it’s time to hit play and find out what the creative mind of this young Swiss styler got in store for you.

Nico Vuignier shot this video last season, with a bunch of self-made 100-watt led’s. The lights were actually made for another project ( look out for part 2 coming next week! )

Riders: Markus Eder Florian Bruchez Jeremie Heitz Alex Neurohr Nicolas Vuignier

Filmed by Jules Guarneri

Edited by Jules Guarneri & Nicolas Vuignier

Shot in the Valais region of Switzerland

Music: A.A.L. (Against All Logic) – LKJ