Amazing Ski Outfits: Melon Kuma

By: Ethan Stone October 26, 2018

Everyone knows that skiing isn’t about the pure joy of sliding on snow — it’s about how good you look while doing it. Our international fashion correspondents have just identified a red-hot new leader in on-slope style from the island of Hokkaido, Japan: Melon Kuma, the melon-headed bear.

Tearing up the slopes of Mt. Racey, Melon Kuma’s forward-thinking approach to ski outerwear is sure to revolutionize the industry. The fully synthetic one-piece suit features moisture-attracting “Bear Funk” technology to keep your skin well-greased on the hill — it’s almost like a mobile onsen. The head improves on-snow stability through proven Bobblehead technology, drastically reduces vision to keep you focused on the feeling of skis on snow, and even functions buoyantly as an avalanche airbag alternative. Finally, with your Bear Stank and voluminous head, you’re guaranteed to have every gondola ride to yourself.