Jibbing the motherland

Line Traveling Circus 12.4 – Snow Collusion

By: Ethan Stone December 18, 2019

Does the Traveling Circus penetrate Russia, or does Russia penetrate the Traveling Circus? Find out on a jaunt to the Motherland with Will, Andy and Khai Krepela for indoor skiing in Moscow and spring hijinks in Sochi.

“It didn’t penetrate in, but it hit the hole and poked it a bit.” – Andy Parry

For the final episode of the 12th season, the crew finds themselves in Russia. Fueled by Pizza, Mcdonalds, and too much jet lag to handle, the circus experiences all that Russia has to offer through indoor skiing, storm-filled powder days, bluebird park laps, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 12th season of the Traveling Circus! More to come next year.