TBT: Candide Kamera Episode 2

By: Downdays September 10, 2020

The year 2010 was a big one for Candide Thovex. Three years after breaking his back, the French ace was miraculously back, and skiing better than ever. What’s more, he had left the snowpark behind, and was now bringing his prodigious talent to bear exclusively on natural terrain and freeride slopes. When the dust cleared on the 2010 season, Candide had done what many thought impossible, winning the Freeride World Tour in his rookie (and only) season. Along the way he also won the Red Bull Linecatcher, and at the end of the season, debuted the second installment of Candide Kamera.

Candide Kamera 2 is classic Thovex: mysterious, breathtaking, and always leaving you wanting more. Candide shows elegance at speed in steep terrain that had rarely been seen before, combined with freestyle tricks and massive jumps. There’s a cork 7 blunt that ranks at 12/10 on the “timeless” scale, and an epic switch 900 crash that must have haunted the master’s dreams. As far as the pre-“One Of Those Days”, Few Words and “Ski The World” era is concerned, this is absolute peak Candide.

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