Real SkiFi | Skiing with Tractors

By: Downdays August 29, 2020

We’ve seen skiers selling cars. We’ve seen skiers selling off-road vehicles. Now, breaking new ground as they always do, Finnish Ski crew Real SkiFi has changed the game and landed themselves a tractor sponsor.

This collab opens up entirely new fields (literally?) of non-endemic sponsorship for skiers. Has anyone ever sent John Deere or Kubota a concept pitch? The more I think about it, the better it seems. After all, a tractor seems like a street skier’s dream tool: a plow, a winch, a tow or even a feature, all in one convenient, multi-ton package.

Coming up next week: the Swiss crew Buldozlife announces a partnership with Komatsu.

A paid collaboration with Valtra. Last winter the folks at Valtra asked us to join them in celebrating the launch of their new G series tractors. They were curious if we could do some tricks with, over and off the tractors. They pretty much said we could do whatever we want. We said yes.

Location: Central Finland
Skiing: Juho Kilkki, Ilkka Hannula, Verneri Hannula
Video: Anton Geier, Janne Korpela
Driving: Samuel Hardy, Robin Jüngling

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