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The grand finale of Jib League | Myrkdalen S02 E03.3

By: Simon Bartik May 31, 2024

Jib League season 2 came to an end in Myrkdalen, Norway. The final recap edit is full of heaters, watch and find out who took the crown this year. Big shout out to Ferdinand Dahl, Øystein Bråten, and James Woods for organizing the contest!

From YouTube:

The Season 2 finale!!

For these 25 skiers, it’s been a long, gruelling season and right now is the final time to dive deep into the foundations of their motivation to find the strength, power, grit, determination to do what must be done for obtaining the honour to etching their name in the annals of freeski history, to prove their skill by adapting to whatever feature the Jib League Counsel appoints and to showcase their creativity, ability and awareness to the world. With every jib, carve or cork they defy gravity and dance with danger, driven by a primal urge to rise above the rest.

The infamous term “hitting the wall” has never been more prevalent… Just when the end is within grasping distance Myrkdalen provides the final challenge, with a ferocious storm looming over the horizon, charging ever closer and the taste of victory on their lips the Jib League finalist must face the literal and figurative Wall!

A dream will be realized, a champion will be crowned and a legend will be born. The time is now. Fate decides who will burn their own name into the Jib League Champions perpetual trophy.

The Pro Sessions:

– 3x 1.5 hour jam sessions on 3 diverse features.

– After a rough cut viewing of the day’s jam each evening, each skier gets to anonymously vote for their personal opinions on the day’s: 2 winners and 2 runner-ups. No discussion!

– 1sts = 2 points, 2nds = 1 points

– To find the most well rounded skier of the week, the skier with the most points over the whole week is the winner.

The skier who accumulates the most points from the entire season (s02 e01: Nordkette, Austria + s02 e02: Sugar Bowl, CA + s02 e03: Myrkdalen, Norway) will be crowned Jib League Season 2 Champion and have the honor of carving their own name into the Jib League Champions’ trophy which they will hold for a year until the next Champion is crowned.

Shout out to:     Monster Energy,     Marker,     Phaenom Footwear