By: Simon Bartik May 28, 2024

Max Moffatt is not only an incredibly talented skier, but also a sick skater. His new part Liquid Terrain consists of some of the finest street and park skiing, Max also goes dummy-lit in the skateparks. Don’t miss these 5 minutes of greatness of the Armada Skis rider.

From YouTube:

A blend of my 2022-2023 ski/skate season. Spending two weeks in the streets of Calgary, followed up by park footage from across the globe.

Hours of work behind the lens & cutting behind a screen is the best homie, Reid Ferguson.

Additional filming:

​⁠​⁠Owen Dahlberg

Andrew Napier

Bjorn Elklund

Ethen Cook

Original soundtrack by:

Tormod Frostad

Hugo Burvall

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